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How To Test The Portable Thermal Printer?

2015-12-01 17:24:41 REMEETE TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Read

1. Install battery and thermal paper correctly, turn on the printer.

2. Turn on bluetooth function of your mobile phone, search for printer device, paired with printer, password 1234.

3. If you have mobile retail software, pos software, open and connect with the software, then can print receipt via bluetooth printing.


4. If you do not have software, Find the "Print Demo" apk in the CD, install on your mobile phone, turn on your phone bluetooth function, search device and paired with printer,  password 1234. Open Print Demo, connect to printer, Then you can type some words, To test printing performance, Also can test to print the image, barcode.

5. If didn’t have ready application software to work with the portable printer, Engineer develop the  specific software according to our manual/sdk. 

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