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  • Two Different Technologies of thermal printing

    The field of thermal printing actually comprises two related but different technologies. Direct thermal printing, used on low-end fax machines, for example, uses specially treated paper that darkens when heated by the printhead. Thermal transfer printers, on the other hand, use a coated ribbon to transfer the image to a wide range of printing materials including plain paper.

  • What is mobile thermal printer?

    Thermal printer comprises these key components: • Thermal head: generates heat; prints on paper • Platen: a rubber roller that feeds paper • Spring: applies pressure to the thermal head, causing it..

  • The benefits of Portable Bluetooth thermal printer

    Portable thermal printers nowadays are more and more widely used in different kinds of application areas, such as meter reading, law enforcement, insurance, etc, because the portable thermal printers offer people the below benefits.

  • Handheld thermal printers become more and more important

    Portable printer manufacturers have been crying out for lower-energy, lighter-weight and smaller-size thermal printheads to help them increase the size of their market.

  • Application area of handheld thermal printer

    Compared with inkjet printers and laser printers, thermal printers are more and more widely used in different kinds of area, because their low cost and high printing speed.

  • Advantages of Thermal Printing

    Why have thermal printers achieved such heavy market penetration in the last several years? One important reason is the simplicity of this technology.

  • The difference between an anti-thermal and three anti-thermal label paper

    An anti-thermal label paper is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets and hospitals electronic scales paper industries, save time 2-3 months, if stored properly, can save half the time.

  • The US Postal Service Is Testing MobilePoint-of-Sale(mPOS) Technology

    The new technology, is called Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS), and uses a modified iPod Touch and portable printer to "scan and accept prepaid packages, scan package pickups as delivered, or sell stamps, ReadyPost and other retail products."

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