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Application area of handheld thermal printer

2015-06-18 08:32:08 REMEETE TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Read

Compared with inkjet printers and laser printers, thermal printers are more and more widely used in different kinds of area, because their low cost and high printing speed. Among all kinds of thermal printers, handheld type of thermal printers are most popular, which are suited for companies that can improve processes by leveraging the speed, convenience, and accuracy of its advanced mobile printing technology for significant increases in productivity and lower labor costs.

Prominent among market segments which can benefit from this technology are the following:
Meter reading

for water, electronic and gas meter reading and fees collecting

for damage assessment on the accident scene

for inventory verification, allocation and transformation

for checking parking time and collecting parking fees

for courier service invoice, cargo delivery note
Mobile sales

for ticket, consumer goods, etc, mobile sales
Law enforcement

for traffic police, city inspectors, sanitary inspection to law enforcement
Field service

Sending that repairman out armed with a handheld device with accurate location and work information is the first step. Equip him with a mobile printer and give the customer the option of paying by credit card and you have a streamlined billing and payment option cutting weeks off collections.

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